Background & Core Technology

MicroContinuum Inc., located in Cambridge, MA, was founded in 1998 by a group of former Polaroid scientists and engineers with the goal of developing and applying new and innovative roll-to-roll manufacturing technologies.

While at Polaroid, the founders were responsible for the development of advanced roll-to-roll applications in micro- and nanostructure fabrication, optical data storage, imagine materials, and holography. Today, MicroContinuum continues to develop new manufacturing technology based on core expertise in:

  • precision micro- and nano-imprinting (“NIL”)
  • additive and subtractive nanopatterning
  • vacuum deposition
  • layer transfer
  • multi-layer stacking and lamination

and many others…

In addition, MicroContinuum's staff has extensive capabilities in the design and construction of custom pilot and manufacturing equipment and process-monitoring instrumentation.