Transparent Conductors

We are developing low-cost, roll-to-roll processes for manufacturing high-performance transparent conductive films, for applications on both flexible and rigid substrates.

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Transparent conductors are key elements in many consumer electronic devices—they can be found in cell phones, laptops, tablets and handheld computers, etc. They are also used in the emerging area of organic LED (‘OLED’) solid-state lighting, in solar cells, touch screens in flat-panel displays, as well as for static electricity dissipation and EMI shielding.

Our technology can offer significant improvements over current materials and solutions, with:

  • higher electrical conductivity
  • higher transparency
  • lower costs
  • smoother planar surfaces
  • choice of pattern-wise or full-area conductivity
  • may incorporate plasmonic structures to increase light outcoupling (OLED) or absorbtion
Hybrid Transparent Conductor Films
Hybrid Transparent Conductor Films