Our Nanofabrication Technologies

Nanofabrication Technologies to Support Next-Generation Applications

To bring your nanostructure ideas and products to life, we offer expertise and proprietary technologies to make micro- and nanoscale structures and patterns in polymers, metals and dielectrics on flexible and rigid substrates. With our unique roll-to-roll (R2R) nanoimprint lithography technology, high-quality structures can be cost-effectively formed on various substrates, including plastics, metal foils, paper, and glass.

We invite you to explore our innovative nanopatterning technologies, which can be incorporated into your ideas and products.

nanoforming technology

Advanced Surface Nanoforming™

Produce precision micro and nanoscale patterns directly into the surface of various polymer films without requiring high temperatures.

R2R Nanopatterning

Roll-to-Roll Nanopatterning

Cost-effective, high-volume processing that creates precise micro- and nanoscale 3D polymer structures and metal patterns.

transparent conductive film

Transparent Conductive Film

Our nanoMesh™ transparent conductive film is a breakthrough technology for cost-effectively producing virtually invisible metal lines.

Moth-Eye Anti-Reflective Surfaces

Moth-eye Anti-Reflective Surfaces

We can manufacture large-area, subwavelength periodic and random arrays to dramatically reduce light reflection from flat, curved and domed surfaces.

Nanopattern Curved Surfaces

Nanopatterns on Curved Surfaces & Lenses

Our nanopatterning technology can be used to form 3D nano/microstructures, metal mesh and even electronic circuit patterns on lenses, domes and tubes .


Enhanced Photovoltaics

Our low-cost roll-to-roll process can create micro- and nano-structures to enhance solar cell efficiency.

Nanoformed Light Control Materials

Cost-Effective SERS Substrates

We offer a library of analyte-specific Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrate (SERS) substrates for medium to high-volume applications..

micro circuits

Flexible Electronics

Our nanopatterning process can produce conductive traces and patterns on a range of rigid and flexible surfaces, from micron to submicron scale.

Nanoformed Light Control Materials

Nanoformed Light Control Materials

Thin, flexible metamaterials, frequency selective surfaces and plasmonic structures suitable for optical radiation control.


Arraying & Transferring Nanoparticles

We offer a powerful method for forming and processing nanoparticles on one substrate and then transferring the entire, intact structure to another substrate.


Other Nanoformed Technologies

We offer technologies to produce OLED light extraction and light-guiding films, wire grid polarizers, microfluidic channels, custom-filled patterned films and more. Contact us for details.

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