Transparent conductors are key elements in consumer electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops tablets, monitors and displays.  They are also used in a number of industrial and commercial applications, including photovoltaic (PV) devices, flexible sensors, organic LED (‘OLED’) lighting, smart windows, static electricity control and EMI shielding, to name a few.

Our nanoMesh™ transparent conductive film represents a low-cost breakthrough in producing patterns of metal lines less than 1 micron wide, resulting in films that combine very high optical transparency with high electrical conductivity. Initially developed as a process for making wide (>10µm) conductive lines for solid-state lighting applications, we’ve advanced the technology to produce truly “invisible” conductive patterns. NanoMesh is ideal for many applications, including bendable, flexible, and wearable displays, sensors, or any application needing to avoid the undesirable effects of visible printed conductive lines or poor optical transparency.

Hybrid nanoMesh™ Film

Our hybrid nanoMesh™ transparent conductors can be the solution for applications where full surface conductivity is required, such as in photovoltaic and OLED lighting applications, while providing superior performance and cost to the current standard material, indium tin oxide (ITO).

Hybrid nanoMesh transparent conductor films combine a highly conductive metal mesh “backbone” with a continuous secondary conductor, providing a film that is conductive over its entire surface.  The secondary conductor can be chosen from a number of materials, including conductive nanowires, PEDOT:PSS, and even ultra-thin ITO (or AZO, etc.).  Ultra-thin ITO (AZO) as the secondary conductor means higher optical transmission, less tendency to crack or craze, shorter deposition times, and significantly lower deposition and material costs compared to stand-alone ITO.

Flush nanoMesh™ Conductors

For applications that require step-free, smooth surfaces—whether for metal-only or continuous conductive films—our Flush nanoMesh™ is the solution.

Flush nanoMesh conductors are essentially buried metal lines with a top surface that is level with the surrounding surface, regardless of the thickness (height) of the metal wires. A flush surface eliminates protruding wires, a potential source of shorting and deposited layer variations that can degrade the performance of many electronic devices.

Benefits of nanoMesh™ Over Current Solutions

  • Invisible metal mesh
  • High electrical conductivity over larger areas
  • Wire conductivity and linewidth not achievable by printed electronics
  • High optical transparency
  • Cost-effective manufacturing
  • Flush (“buried”) lines for ultra-smooth conductive surfaces
  • Optional secondary conductor for continuous conductivity
  • Customizable patterns for adding features (electrodes, contacts, etc.)
  • Works with a broad selection of metals to meet custom requirements, such as harsh chemical environments
  • Conformable to patterned, rough or curved surfaces

Applications for nanoMesh™ Transparent Conductive Film


Touchscreen Displays

glass film

Smart Glass


Patterned Optics


Photovoltaic Films

Solid-State Lighting

Solid State Lighting

Electronic Sensors


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