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Let Us Bring Your Nano-Enabled Product Ideas to Life

Our team of scientists and engineers bring decades of nanopatterning, nanoimprint lithography and technical know-how to every project. Whether you need an idea tested, a prototype built, or manufacturing support, MicroContinuum offers the highest level of quality and innovation. With a flexible engagement approach, we can work in tandem with your team or take a project from concept to completion based on your requirements.

Let us help you bring your ideas to life using cutting-edge fabrication techniques, such as our proprietary Advanced Surface Nanoforming™ process for creating nanopatterns directly into the surface of polymer films, as well as traditional UV nanoimprint lithography. Materials are produced on batch processing equipment or automated roll-to-roll (R2R) nanofabrication and sputter coating systems.

Proof of Concept Testing

Proof of Concept Testing

Can it be made? We test your idea or assumption and determine if it can be made using our library of nano-patterning techniques.

Prototype Development

Prototype Development

We can bring your nanostructure idea to life with a working structure or product for users to evaluate, test, and share feedback for further improvements.

MVP Manufacturing

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Manufacturing

We can produce units for further testing and viability analysis using our in-house pilot equipment.

Nanoimprint Analysis

Manufacturing Feasibility Analysis

For existing nanostructures or products, we determine if we have or can develop a more cost-effective manufacturing process.

contract manufacturing

Contract Manufacturer Identification

Ready to go to market? We can identify a manufacturer with existing capabilities and willingness to modify, as needed, their equipment to manufacture your product.

Nanotech Transfer

Technology Transfer

If you intend to manufacture in-house, we can license and transfer our technology and know-how to your engineers. We can also provide ongoing support as needed.

Work with us to research, develop and launch your project!