Our patterning processes are not limited to planar or smooth surfaces–they can be applied to non-flat substrates, from cylindrical to complex curved lenses. Using our nanopatterning technology, 3D nano/microstructures, metal mesh and even electronic circuit patterns can be formed on lenses, domes and tubes (inside and out) for improving performance of optics (binary aberration corrections, anti-reflection surfaces), head-up displays, curved touch screens, smart glasses, sensors and more.

Benefits of Our Nanopatterning Technology

  • Enables displays and sensors beyond planar or simple curves
  • Low-cost incorporation of inexpensive structured (moth-eye) anti-reflection into optics
  • Increases performance of refractive optics and lenses by adding diffractive/holographic optical elements (DOEs/HOEs)

Applications for Patterned Curved Surfaces

Moth-Eye Anti-Reflective Surfaces

Anti-reflective Optics, Lenses, Tubes, Domes

Nanopatterns for High Performance Optics

Compact, High-Performance Optics

Curved Displays & Screens

Curved Displays & Touchscreens

Nanopatterns for Smart Lenses

Smart Lens

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